WOW CUP Mini Family Gets Bigger

July 01, 2022

Parents asked, and we delivered! Our award winning 360 WOW CUP Mini family keeps growing with 3 NEW trendy designs featuring Yellow Submarines, Silly Monsters and Flying Pigs. You can now collect all 6 designs while still experiencing the best 360 spill free drinking valve cup. 

The WOW CUP MINI is sure to become your go-to drinking bottle for babies and toddlers. WOW GEAR created the first 
💧360° full valve technology in the market  in 2012 and to this day it is still unmatched in BEST performance !
✔️Super Easy to Clean (No gaskets and hidden areas to get all grimy)
✔️Easy to Assemble
✔️Easy to Drink
✔️No More Spills!
✔️100% BPA & PVC Free - Dentist Recommended.