360° EVEN-SEAL® drinking edge! No spouts, straws, levers or buttons! 

Our WOW Baby® drinkware is a healthy and natural solution for babies starting at 9 months old. Our 360 spill free drinking valve helps provide an easier lifestyle for moms and children throughout a child's early developmental years. The spill free design virtually eliminates any messy clean-up and because there are no spouts and straws, the 360° EVEN-SEAL® drinking edge helps babies develop the oral and motor coordination to transition into a regular open round cup sooner without the headache and frustration of dealing with spills and endless training sessions.

• 7 ounce / 207 mL - 9 months +

• 360° Spill Free Drinking Edge

• Spoutless - Dentist Recommended

• BPA & PVC Free

• No Gaskets & Hidden Areas to Get All Grimy - Dishwasher Safe

• Easy to drink, clean and assemble. No More Spills!®

• 100% Interchangeable Parts Between Baby & Kids Cups

Our WOW Parents Say...

"I got one of these cups for my daughter’s baby shower and it’s been my fav cup now. I even had to buy two more for my other toddlers. Before these I’ve always used the munchkin 360 cups but the last ones I bought were not spill free and I had to throw them away." —Adriana

"I love these cups. They don't spill, they are durable, and my daughter took to them immediately. She prefers them to sippy cups with spouts. But do not put them in the microwave sterilizer with regular baby bottles."  —Skye

"We absolutely love this cup. I'm a busy mom of 3 young active boys. So spills happen constantly in my life. My wish has come true to finally have a cup that does not spill, leak or make a mess. A big thank you to WOW for making my life so much easier. This cup is genius!" —Ellen

"It’s really nice that the cup only has three parts that are easy to wash. Straw cups have a load of tiny parts that make it difficult to wash. It doesn’t leak even it is thrown away without the lid." —Charlotte