WOW CUP Mini in a New Sustainable Stainless Steel

Our popular WOW CUP® Mini for children from 6 months old just got a new and more sustainable and healthy function with an adorably decorated single-walled 18-8 stainless steel bottle. Still packed with its superior 360° drinking function, our stainless bottle provides a long-lasting, durable and taste and smell-free experience for your little one. Launching in three trendy, colorful and popular designs, the WOW CUP® Mini will come in a lightweight 10 oz (297 ml) capacity that will still fit perfectly in babies’ and kids’ hands.

Great for a transition or everyday active lifestyle drinking bottle for
home, school and on-the go. The WOW CUP® Mini is sure to become your go-to drinking bottle for babies and toddlers.

• 18-8 Stainless Steel Design

• Spill Free 360° Drinking Edge

• Spoutless - Dentist Recommended

• Super Easy to Clean

• Super Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

• Eco-friendly and sustainable design