WOW GEAR® 360° Spill Free Sports Bottles.

First-Of-Its-Kind sports and active lifestyle bottle.

Designed to be used at all levels of sports from Amateur to Professional


The WOW GEAR®  360° TRITAN™ sport bottle is unmatched by any other spouted sports bottle in the market for ease of drinking, prevention of messy spills and ease of cleaning no matter where you are or whatever you are doing. These innovative bottles have no spouts and buttons to open in order to drink. Just Grab & Drink®.

In addition, our high quality, tough and odorless TRITAN™ bottle features an advanced proprietary double-walled structure that is 100% guaranteed to be dishwasher safe. There are no spin or ultrasonic welds in our double-walled structure which makes it a unique and very durable homogeneous bottle that can withstand the rigors of everyday residential dishwashers. Try that with the competition's double-walled bottles!

They all come with our standard high performance 360° drinking valve and travel lid. Whether at home or in the wilderness camping, every area of the bottle and valve system is 100% exposed for easy cleaning! Try that with spouted and straw bottles!

In the middle of a sporting or lifestyle activity, the last thing you want to worry about is opening and closing a lever, or a spout, and/or orienting the bottle to drink.

Featuring a unique “Grab & Drink®” function not seen on any other sports bottle. Allowing you to hydrate in the toughest situations while you concentrate on your next move.

360 Double-Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated 
     24 HOUR COLD
The Ultimate Sports Bottle gets even better with our innovative double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel line of 360° sports bottles.

Featuring high quality and strength 18-8 stainless steel inner and outer vessel for clean anti-rust, toxin-free and flavor-free experience. These high quality bottles even come with a durable and stylish powder coated finish. Our double-walled SS vacuum insulated bottles are designed to keep your cold beverages colder and longer (up to 24 Hours Cold ) without any sweating.

They all come with our standard high performance 360° drinking valve and travel lid. And, every area of the bottle and valve system is exposed for easy cleaning! How nice is that?!

What makes ours the Ultimate Sports Bottle?
● Just “Grab & Drink®” & No More Spills!®
● No Hidden Areas to Hide Grime and Debris (100% exposed surfaces)
● TRITAN™ bottle 100% Guaranteed Dishwasher Safe
● 360º Drinking Edge for easy thirst-quenching drinking.
● Super Easy to Assemble