Age Appropriate for Earlier Transitions

This is the first-of-its-kind Mini 360° spill free drinking valve featured on a stylish baby-familiar shaped TRITAN™ bottle. 

The smaller 360° valve provides an age and skills suitable drinking function for those little mouths and faces and an easier and more natural transition into the larger baby and kids 360 cups. And its trendy baby-familiar bottle shape makes it super easy for those little hands to grab.

We’ve even included a travel lid to keep the drinking surface clean during storage in lunch boxes, carry bags and backpacks. Great for a transition or everyday active lifestyle drinking bottle for home, school and on-the go. The WOW CUP MINI is sure to become your go-to drinking bottle for babies and toddlers.

"We designed WOW CUP Mini™ to help baby’s transition at an earlier age with a drinking system that best matches their size and skills"

● 12 ounce / 350 mL - 6 months +
● Easy-to-drink & clean mini 360° drinking valve with baby familiar and trendy bottle shape
● Dentist Recommended - Spoutless
● No gaskets and hidden areas to get all grimy  - dishwasher safe
● Tritan™, Polypropylene and Silicone/BPA and Phthalate Free

Our WOW Parents Say...

"We had multiple 360 cups before these, and they always would end up leaking. This has never failed us! Despite it getting roughly handled by our toddler, it still pulls through. It’s also very easy for our toddler to hold as the design makes it perfect for little hands to grap in the middle. Overall it’s fantastic and well worth it." —Kristina

"So glad I found these! The 360 is perfect, doesn’t leak and easy to clean. I like how it has an arrow neck which is easier for my daughter to hold. And its lid is a total unique! No other 360 cups I’ve seen has a lid, which is helpful to keep the rim clean. It’s also pretty strong because my little carries the whole thing by its lid." —Jeanette

"I got this for my 1 year old son who just loves 360 cups. He would steal his sisters’ cups all the time so I wanted to get him his own. I was so happy I found this one, because it has cars on it which he loves! He absolutely adores this cup. If he had the choice, he would only drink from this cup. Added bonus is that it hasn’t leaked at all so far. Upside down, sideways, throwing it around, you name it; not a single drop of water." —Ariana

"Absolutely love this cup! I hardly leave reviews and felt like I needed to speak on this cup! Your child will LOVE this cup! Personally, the shape had me concerned (referring to how much liquid it will hold) but it looks easier for my two-year-old to hold. I love the fact there’s no band around the middle. I didn’t notice with other 360 cups that area was growing mold. Leak proof. YES! My son is BAD about throwing his cups and this little cup can take a beating. Now it WILL leak if you shake it like a maniac, liquid will come out. But just left laying on the floor you’re good to go! I’m buying another now. Wanted to give this little cup a test run beforeI did." —Kendra