GRIPmitt® Silicone Kitchen & BBQ Mitt - GREEN, 2-pack



GRIPmitt®  is the only cooking mitt you will ever need in the kitchen and at the grill station. This innovative and versatile mitt provides for dexterous, safe and easy handling of hot, cold and raw foods; hot pots and pans while prepping, cooking, grilling, carving and slicing. 

Hygienically slice breads without using a hand towel and prepare raw meats, poultry and vegetables without bare hands. Slice cooked meats and carve cooked poultry without burning your hands or using a carving fork. It’s designed to work naturally in your hands while improving your cooking skills and cooking hygiene. 

GRIPmitt® is made of 100% heat and cold resistant Silicone that is dishwasher safe, and it eliminates the need to use cloth hand towels & kitchen mitts that retain dirt and bacteria. Get A Grip On Cooking® and keep your kitchen orderly and clean.

ALL in 1 - Carving Mitt, Slicing Mitt, Oven Mitt, Grill Mitt, Hot Food Mitt, Pot Holder, Jar Lid Gripper, Clean Food Handling, Hot Dish Trivet, Cooking Spoon Rest

Available now in 2 sizes - Small/ Medium and Medium/ Large - Check Sizing chart image for your size.

  • Clean & easy gripping to slice, carve & grab
  • For breads, vegetables, raw and cooked meats, poultry & fish
  • Pot holder for pots, baking pans & sheets
  • Safely grab hot foods from grills, microwaves & ovens
  • Use as a hot dish trivet and cooking spoon/ladle rest
  • Easy to use & clean, dishwasher safe
  • Made from 100% Silicone-BPA FREE

Approximate Product Dimensions: 7.88" x 5.31" x 0.75"



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