Splash Infuser



NEW! Instant Natural Infusion For Water, Beer & Cocktails

For Kids: Infuse water for a fun, healthy and natural experiences.
For Adults: Infuse water, beer and cocktails for amazing full flavored drinks.

100% Made in the USA!

The Splash Infuser ™ was designed to excite the taste buds like no other drop-in infuser on the market.

Most drop-in infusers just hold the fruit and herbs which do not allow the fruit and herb’s burst of flavor to totally infuse your water. We’ve solved this problem with an innovative muddler system that crushes the fruit and herbs and contains the juice and mashed material within the infuser so that the mulled fruit and herb can be splashed and swirled into your beverage.

The Spash Infuser ™ is very versatile . Some infusers limit they usage to one specific container. Not so with the Splash Infuser™ . It can be used with a large assortment of drink containers. (Sports bottles, cups, glasses, thermos bottles, pitchers, etc.)

We all know the importance of staying hydrated, although many of us consistently reject water as an option. The Splash Infuser ™ was designed to motivate you to invigorate your beverage with tasty ingredients! Cut out the unnecessary calories and sugar and start giving your body the essential elements it needs!

Get a Splash Infuser ™ today and invigorate your water, beer and cocktails!

● Uses only a small amount of fruit and herbs for a blast of flavor
● Stays at the bottom of the container when upright and splashes the liquid while drinking.

● Fits most kids and adult drinking cups and water bottles.
● Easy to Clean - Diswasher Safe
Made from food safe materials that are Durable and long lasting - Capsule made from clear TRITAN™ - Tough & Odorless 

Includes one infuser capsule with muddler top.

Product Dimensions: 1.5 W x 1.5 D x 3 H inches

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